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Our Rights

All copyright, intellectual rights and uses of images on this website are retained by Louise Dunckley, the artist.

When you buy an image from the website, this entitles you to one copy of that image, as a poster. You are not allowed to reproduce the image for personal, business, commercial use or anything else without the permission of the artist.

Your Rights

Your rights as a customer are retained when using and purchasing items through this website.

Your Personal Details

We strive to protect the privacy of all our customers and with this in mind we collect and keep as little personal information about you as possible. When you make a purchase we do retain your name, email and postal address as well as what you have purchased. This is held for as long as we think you remain as an active customer.

We also collect your information in the following ways:

1. This site has been designed to be simple and easy to use. Occasionally we use tracking cookies, such as Facebook pixels and Google analytics and Squarespace analytics, this is simply to see how you use the site and does not store personal data.

2. When a purchase is made this information is taken through PayPal, you can check their privacy policy here. We also use Stripe to take some credit and debit card payments. You can read their GDPR statement here.

3. Our newsletters are managed via Mailchimp so that you can easily opt in or out of receiving them at any time.

If you have any concerns about how your privacy or how we handle your personal data, you can ask what information we retain or to delete it by writing to:

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The Studio @ 3 Leith Vale Cottages
Standon Lane

Or email